Thursday, 17 January 2013

Book #8 Tender Is The Night by F.Scott Fitzgerald

Tender Is The Night

Length Of Time In Possession : 18 months

Tender Is The Night is the story of young, inexperienced actress Rosemary Hoyt and what happens after she is dragged into the social whirl of Dick and Nicole Diver whilst recuperating from pneumonia in Europe.

In my original post explaining the 2013 Challenge, I explained that the goal this year was not to reach 100 books or to complete every book I embarked on but to clear my backlog of unread books by whatever means necessary, whether that meant deciding not to read a book or giving up on it.

Tender Is The Night becomes my first incomplete book of the year. I just don't have any interest at all in spoilt, rich, society Americans, I didn't like The House Of Mirth and I didn't like the Great Gatsby either.

Whenever you fail to appreciate a really critically popular novel or novelist as I never have with F Scott Fitzgerald, a sense of embarrassment or personal incompetence sometimes follows, a sense that you are wrong or ignorant and this is never comfortable. But it shouldn't be really. It should be OK to take a really well liked author and say "You know what? I'm just not a fan" without feeling ashamed of it.

Of all the novels in all the world, no person will like them all. The best part of literature is about the effect it has on its reader, how it resonates with you and what you take from it, how it changes you for the better, and no matter whether that book is EL James or Charles Dickens what matters in the end is your experience and how that book helped you. People should feel less embarrassed to say how they feel about books lest they be sneered upon.

I didn't like Tender Is The Night and I couldn't finish it.

Destination : ebook storage

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