Monday, 28 January 2013

Book #15 Restless by William Boyd


Length Of Time In Possession : Roughly Six Years

In Restless, lazy PhD student and TEFL teacher Ruth Gilmartin finds that her very British very eccentric mother Sally has been hiding a secret for all her life. She is in fact a half French/half Russian spy named Eva Delectorskaya who worked for the British government during WW2 and in her old age has a score to settle.

I had lots of little things I found weak about Restless :

Ruth herself, the odd unresolved circumstance regarding her former lover's brother randomly inviting himself to stay, and everything about that plot, and the plot around Hamid. Neither added anything to the book, and at times made no sense.

As for Eva, her spy life seems to amount to training, and only two serious missions. The way Ruth confronts those behind it is a bit laughable really.

 All the many little issues I had with Restless boil down to a single problem, I kept thinking to myself: What's the other book I read but haven't reviewed yet? It was unmemorable to me.

For a suspense thriller it lacked in both suspense and thrills, I found it rather tedious and rather dry and it was overall a disappointment.


Destination : Charity shop

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