Saturday, 7 April 2012

Book #38 Call The Midwife by Jennifer Worth

Call The Midwife

Like most of the nation this past winter, I watched and was captivated by Call The Midwife on the BBC, the series based upon the memoirs of retired midwife Jennifer Worth.

Fans of the series will be pleased to learn that the book strikes the exact same tone and feel captured in the series and that the BBC did not deviate much in its adaptation.

Troubled Irish girl Mary is there, baby Grace Miracle, baby Ted and Chummy and her bike, but the novel also has other stories not used by the series so avoids being a total replica. There's Mrs Jenkins, and a far more detailed portrait of Sister Evangelina among others.

A lot of memoirs aren't well written, but this one really is, a cup of tea and slice of cake in book form, the only shame for me is that I didn't read the book prior to the series, but as there are follow ups I intend to read them before the series returns this winter.

Recommended 9/10

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