Sunday, 10 July 2011

On Women Writers Challenge

Having done a 10 book challenge now to only read books by women I have enjoyed the experiment. I am glad that I did it because in the process I have re-discovered Ann Patchett and newly discovered Scarlett Thomas, Kate Atkinson and Sarah Waters further novels by whom I look forward to reading. I particularly look forward to reading further Sarah Waters and completing the Jackson Brodie series. I am apprehensive about Scarlett Thomas' other novels because the reactions to them are so mixed whilst Sarah Waters seems ridiculously popular. Of course there was the genuine dud Ali Smith's There But For The and I don't think I would read any further books by her. I also would refuse to agree with anyone who suggested that the book is anything better than terrible.

As for Doris Lessing, I must know her more before I can appreciate her and I must remedy this. Unfortunately, having focused so much on women writers for a time I have built up a backlog of male ones! And so the unfair balance begins again! Obviously, the fifth book in A Song Of Ice And Fire approaches and at over 1,000 pages will keep me busy for some time, but after this and the other male writers that I have queuing up, I hope to make sure the blog has balanced gender representation.

I also hope to copy this challenge by doing a run of 10 "classic" novels in the near future. Suggestions, both of female authors and classic novels welcome.  

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