Monday, 1 July 2013

Book #38 The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss

The Vesuvius Club

Length Of Time In Possession : 6 yrs minimum

The Vesuvius Club begins a trilogy of tales about one Lucifer Box, he lives in Downing Street (someone has to) and works for King and Country behind the scenes in the earliest form of national espionage.

Devilish Lucifer becomes embroiled in a mystery surrounding a group of connected men and their mysterious references to the "V.C" as well as helping out friends in trouble and courting a very attractive lady.

Written in 19th Century style but with the ability to include things unmentionable in that era, The Vesuvius Club from the celebrated contributor to both Sherlock and Doctor Who is very witty and incredibly good fun, some of the turns of phrase he uses really made me laugh, and I instantly thought of certain friends who would definitely enjoy this.

Amazon reviews (an average of 3.5 stars) seem to rate this quite low, which confuses me. It's a really great old fashioned romp, and detective story, with original characters. Yes the ending is rather over the top and silly, but it's a fun piece not taking itself seriously. I could clearly see this as a successful TV series and will definitely read its sequels.

Verdict : 9/10

Destination : Passing on to friends  

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