Friday, 15 March 2013

Book #22 Hawthorn and Child by Keith Ridgway

Hawthorn and Child

Length of time in possession : 5 months

In Hawthorn and Child - a story of two policemen, an investigation into a criminal named Mishazzo, and the shooting of a young man, I feel that I've encountered my old friend "Emperor's New Clothes" in which a book that other people have raved about is a book which is completely lost on me, and a book which I feel is empty and hollow, masking itself as something superior.  Not just superior to other books, but superior to anyone who doesn't get it, because they mustn't be "clever enough"

What is in actual fact a linked short story collection, it is also masquerading as a novel, an incredibly short one at that. Each short story is vaguely linked to either the case or the duo, the first, 1934, starts well, introducing the duo. Other stories struggle to seem in any way relevant.

Not only is there no cohesive plot to speak of, characterization is so sparse as to barely exist.

It reminded me of Paul Auster and that's really not a compliment.

It's not remotely worth the cover price. Avoid.    

Verdict : 4/10

Destination : Ebook storage

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