Sunday, 12 August 2012

Book #67 The Universe Next Door by Marcus Chown

The Universe Next Door

Reading The Universe Next Door follows on from my reading both Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku and Chown's own The Never Ending Days Of Being Dead earlier in the year and covers similar ground.

Was the Universe conceived by beings of higher intelligence?
Can time run backwards?
Could we live forever?
Are there multiple universes?

 In The Universe Next Door there is a discussion about how electron bubbles work, and I found myself switching off during that. I find that I'm a bigger fan of the grand ideas than of the practical scienctific details that explain them!
The central issue for me reading this book is that the concepts and ideas of this book, have a high level of crossover with the concepts and ideas of The Never Ending Days Of Being Dead, in many ways the two are companions but TUND was written in 2003 and TNEDOBD in 2007, making the latter the more up to date work.

Additionally, I liked the writing and hypotheses in Never Ending Days more and ultimately though this is by all means a solid book, I would recommend to others that they buy that one, which is brilliant, instead, I don't feel guilty for doing this as they are the product of the same author and so I haven't cost him a sale! 7/10


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