Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year, New Rules

Because in my last challenge, I found myself highly stymied by the need to finish a book I thought weak or atrocious once I had begun it, for 2012 there will be no such rule. If I decide to abandon a book mid way through, I will blog it and state why, but it won't count to the overall total, they will have to be REALLY terrible though in order for this to happen.

Some patterns emerged in last years reading, I read less non fiction than I had intended, posted less poems, and read several books by the same authors 5 by George RR Martin, 4 by Kate Atkinson, 3 by Sarah Waters and Suzanne Collins and 2 by Doris Lessing, Patrick Ness, Willa Cather and Ben Aaronovitch. It is highly likely that I will revisit several of the authors I have read this year but I will try not to overly do this in order to maintain variety.

I also read very few "classics" this year with Brideshead Revisited and Northanger Abbey proving the only two "proper" ones. I also hope to remedy this in the forthcoming year and hopefully throw in some Dickens and some Hardy, as always recommendations are welcome.


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