Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Roz's Reading Challenge

So, I'm a reader, I'm known for being a reader,  I've always been a reader, but it's a solitary pastime and when I read books like others, I often want to share what i thought about them, but maybe the people you know aren't into reading, or if they are, just aren't into the same books as you are, and never will be. Then, two things happened, I realised I'd read 10 books since the start of the year, and then one of my followers on Twitter asked me to recommend some books for his holiday. I had tried to start a blog before and failed, I didn't know what to write about, but then I realised what I do know about is reading so I decided to read books and then review them, recommend them or tell others to steer well clear.

Having read 10 since January, I decided I'd challenge myself to 100 books between now and December 31st, counting the 10 I'd already read.

I'm known for a diverse taste in books but I've never really been a reader of non-fiction, but this year have surprised myself by having already read 3 non fiction books, so my aim is to :

a) Feature a diverse selection of books, fiction, non fiction, novels, short stories and poetry
b) To not deliberately read short or easy to read books in order to make up my numbers, it's got to be a real challenge.
c) Finish EVERY book no matter what, even if I've taken a dislike to it, if it isn't finished, it doesn't count!

So with 10 books already read, I need to get on with the business of reviewing. It's harder to review a book when it's a while after you've read it, because after you've JUST read it or are in  the middle of  it thoughts about it are fresh. So please bear with me on the early reviews.....


  1. And that twitter follower was me! So this is all my fault! Really looking forward to all the reviews Roz, in particular the Dan Brown and JK Rowling ones ;-What is your view on Catcher in the Rye, out of interest? I read it about 6 months ago but failed completely to "get" it.

  2. Haha, hello Chris!

    I can hereby faithfully promise no Dan Brown on this blog, but don't diss J.K man, she won't appear here because I've read them view on that is if you're interested that the Chamber Of Secrets was very poor and all novels post The Goblet Of Fire were in need of a damn good edit, but, nobody did because it's J.K Rowling and Harry Potter.

    The Catcher In The Rye, we had a copy in our house and I read it young, maybe 12, didn't "get it" or rate it AT ALL didn't see what the fuss was all about, thought i was maybe too young, read it again at 17, still didn't get it and decided it was overrated. I think it's specialness and reputation comes from the fact it was in the pocket of John Lennon's killer to be honest. Overall I think it's boring, and Holden terribly annoying, that's my verdict!

  3. In truth, I found the Potter books riveting - genuinely hard to put down at points, and my kids love the first few already.

    Terribly annoying? I wanted to knock the guy out! what an infuriating arse! I was honestly expecting a work of genius and found myself waiting fro it to get going all the way to the end. Disappointing, but hey, who cares?

    If you want a non-fiction book to upset / scare / annoy the hell out of you I strongly recommend Greg Pallast's "The Best Democracy Money can buy". Eye opening is not the word. I'll happily send you my copy if you can't find one.

  4. I think "infuriating arse" is a magnificent assessment. Yeah, I absolutely loved Harry Potter, Azkaban was my favourite. As to the Greg Pallast, yeah sounds really interesting, I've read stuff like Michael Moore and Naomi Klein in the past, I don't mind being enraged but I hate being freaked. It is true though not just anybody can be President or Prime Minister even though they say it's so. You need $$$$$ to run a campaign. I may read it down the line and I'll ask you for it if I can't get it, I'm starting to build a mental queue though! :-)

  5. Read and DUNE by Frank Herbert, let's see a Sci-Fi book get reviewed.

  6. OK DUNE man, I'll read it when I'e read the 2 I've got lined up so in 3 books time xx

  7. Yay! Remember you are comitted now. I'd hate to have to use the gomjabbar on you.